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Monday, 22 August 2011

Look at my Post-It Note Megaman

Look at it!

All it took was 2 beers, 327 post-it notes and one seemingly endless search for black post-its.

EDIT: click here for a larger photo.


  1. So, where DID you find the black Post-Its?

  2. The company that makes them is called 'J. Burrows', I imagine they're an unsuccessful stationary brand as their post-its had very little stick to them. OfficeWorks, (which I guess one could describe as the Australian equivalent of America's 'Staples') was having a firesale, a pad of 400 J. Burrows black post-its for 99c each. I bought 2,000.

  3. 2000 pads?? If so, wow.. I don't know what impressed me more. Your seemingly deep pockets when it comes to post-it art or officeworks amount of stock..

    did they also have a matching firesale on the ever popular white ink pens?

  4. I try to find some in europe but I can't.
    Can anyone find a supplier who ships internationnaly (to france)?

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  5. is it possible to have a black post-it? i don't think that it is available in the market unless he colors it by himself.


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  6. Hi Scott, do you have leftover black sticky notes you're willing to sell?