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Monday, 22 August 2011

Beautiful French data center is a triumph of form and function

This data center was recently completed in the city of Roubaix on the French side of the Franco-Belgian border. It is not only beautiful, but is also optimised for external airflow, minimising the need for money-chomping air conditioning systems; so the locals have cheaper data storage and something nice to look at.

"The OVH Roubaix facility treats the cube shaped building as an air handler." Reports Rich Miller over at Data Center Knowledge. "Outside air enters the facility through louvers in the exterior wall. The air travels through the racks of servers, and then exits the IT corridor via large fans behind the racks, which vent the air outside into the open center."

The company behind the project, French data firm OVH, expects to install over 35,000 servers in their new building.

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