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Monday, 29 August 2011

Anonymous' tactics fill Time-Warner's coffers

Nick Bilton over at the NY Times points out that each instance in which an 'anonymous' protester purchases a Guy Fawkes mask, as pictured, Time-Warner (the multi-national and multi-billion dollar corporation) earns some scratch as it owns the rights to the design. This, of course, because the particular design originated from the 2006 flick V for Vendetta, and both the mask specifically and the film generally are owned by Time-Warner.

Now naturally 327 pixels wouldn't begrudge a company, no matter the size, their success (although Time-Warner hasn't had too much success recently); but the irony must be pointed out that in purchasing these masks, protesters typically defending peer-to-peer file sharing with the battle cry 'Information Wants to be Free', are, in fact, enriching one of the worlds largest content owners. 

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